RainWare LLC specializes in installing and maintaining fixed wireless community networks. We are providing the last-mile of the Greater Coosa Valley with broadband Internet access!


We're "green"! Our networks use the air as a means of connectivity, so we can expand without digging up roads, relying on decayed infrastructure, or the need to spend a fortune to reach out to a single neighborhood.


Get the Internet you deserve!

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25Mbps downloads!

Download speed is the most important factor of today's Internet experience.

Lightning FAST download Speeds!

What is RainWare?

RainWare is secure, fast, and reliable Internet access! Our networks are designed to deliver our customers with their best experience yet! [Read more...]

What is RainWare?

Why RainWare LLC?

Where is RainWare?

We design our community-based networks to supply broadband internet with outstanding performance for a fraction of the cost of competitors! [Read more...]

Why RainWare LLC?

RainWare is constantly expanding our coverage area.  If you are interested in service please sign-up on our waiting-list

Where is RainWare?

Why RainWare LLC? At RainWare LLC our goal is to provide a superior product to our customers. We use the latest in wireless technologies and industry best-practices, coupled with cooperation from people like you to provide your community with broadband Internet access. We insist on training and employing your neighbors and friends to install and manage our networks, and many of our customers allow us to use parts of their property to host the infrastructure necessary.

Where is RainWare? We are still getting started on providing services (click here for a map of our coverage area). We are diligently working with the Greater Coosa Valley Chamber of Commerce, municipalities, government agencies, private landowners - even our competition - to provide you with stellar Internet access.

What is RainWare? RainWare is a fixed terrestrial wireless Internet Service Provider (wISP) providing broadband Internet access across the greater Coosa Valley. We are an alternative (often BETTER) Internet service provider that focuses on running the majority of our infrastructure securely through the air waves. RainWare is the flagship name under-which RainWare LLC calls the wireless community networks that we service. [Learn more...]

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