Community support and involvement are key to each area RainWare services. Stakeholders come in many forms, including volunteersdonations of materials and monies, and private landowners - just to name a few!


With wireless transmissions, we deploy secured, broadband services for schools, government buildings, and physically isolated locations - even whole communities!


RainWare networks are built with the trust of landowners and investors and the support of volunteers. We rely heavily on community support and volunteer efforts! In return, all profits are returned to the community.


Profits Benefit Your Community

RainWare LLC functions as a "non-profit" society. Operating costs are easily sustained and profits are returned to your neighborhood using member feedback to decide what improvements will best support the community. RainWare funds various projects to make our community a better place. ‚Äč

Serving Our Neighbors, Friends, and Families

Churches and other common areas can be provided with FREE Internet access. Often, in the spirit of sharing, these places opt to join the OpenWireless Movement.

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