Our support for our world-class networks doesn't have to end at your wall. Let us provide you with Wi-Fi services in your home and office.

TP-Link Archer C59 AC1350
Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M2

Our Best Selling CPE!

Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M2


Editor's Choice for Wi-Fi at home!

TP-Link Archer C59 AC1350


Protect your equipment!

CyberPower CP425SLG Standby UPS System



Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M2

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Broadband Facts

CPE - Fixed terrestrial wireless broadband Internet access

Device Compatibility
Explaination of Charge(s)

Monthly Fee(s)

One-time Fee(s)

Broadband Internet access (Unlimited Data)

Activation Fee

Installation Fee

Early Termination Fee

Government and Local Taxes and Fees included (where available)

Typical Performance - Individual results may vary
Network Management

Downstream: 25Mbps

Upstream:        3Mbps

Latency:       2ms

Packet loss: 0.003%

$   50.00


(Access Fee) X (Term Remaining)

Learn more about the terms used on this form and other relevant information at the FCC's website.

Application specific network management practices?    Yes

Subscriber triggered network management practices? 

Bandwidth and connection throttling?                              No

Subject to peak hours?

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