Building a wireless community network/wireless user group (aka WUG) is fairly straightforward. With a little guidance and support from RainWare LLC, anyone can do it, ANYWHERE!


We couldn't make RainWare a reality without the effort and support from people like you.  If you would like to help out, there are several roles that anyone (with the right motivation) can fulfill.


  • Community Organizer and/or Educator

    Are you a people person? Would you like to help our network expand and provide access to those who need it most? Use your social skills to help get the word out. Talk to neighbors and CB operators about setting up an access point at their home. Help plan events and workshops that raise awareness of RainWare.

  • Legalistics and Grant Writing

    Do you have expertise in law? Or are you a good writer? Help us join the fight for digital liberties and equitable access to information. 

  • Design and UX

    Are you artistically inclined? There are multiple aspects of wireless networks that require design skills. Help improve our documents, re-design user interfaces, web applications and GUI, or create new diagrams and infographics. 

  • Technical Support

    Do you like scaling tall buildings? Are you a skilled troubleshooter? Fancy yourself a computer guru? Help provide day-to-day management and maintenance of RainWare or assist in the deployment of nodes and roof-mounted antenna! If you'd like to join the CPE mounting crew, e-mail us.

  • Multi-talented Engineer

    Are you familiar with QGIS or PHP development? Modify some code (or just edit a README), and become a contributor. To learn about the technology that drives wireless networks and how to contribute to our various hardware/firmware/software projects, visit our development page.














The many skills our volunteers learn are forever theirs and may be used in their future endeavors. It's partly because of this that many volunteers stay on and help us get other areas up and running!



If you are interested in fulfilling any of these roles e-mail us!


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